“The Whole Nation Collectively Against COVID-19” Awareness Campaign launched collectively by the Executive of Mauritius, United Countries and World Health Organization

Port Louis. “Enn Sel Lepep Conte COVID” (The Whole Nation Collectively Against COVID) Awareness marketing campaign change into launched by the Top Minister of Mauritius, Dr Hon. Pravin Kumar Jugnauth on 23 Would possibly perhaps well 2021 at Cote D’or Sports Complexe, in the centre of the island in the presence of Her Excellency, Mrs Christine Umutoni, United Countries Resident Coordinator,  Dr Laurent Musango, the WHO Representative in Mauritius, Dr Hon Kailash Kumar Jagutpal, Minister of Health and Wellness, Hon Stephen Toussaint,  Minister of Early life Empowerment, Sports and Recreation and other renowned personalities.

UN and WHO supported the nationwide awareness marketing campaign on COVID-19 by providing technical and financial support to ranking a extremely comprehensive pack of sensitization materials including short entertaining videos, banners, posters, pamphlets and flyers.   Under the Novartis-funded project, 10 short entertaining videos had been produced besides as 600,000 pamphlets and 300,00 flyers on accurate wearing of face conceal, social distancing, vaccination, psychological well being and that you just’ll want to well perhaps likely likely also mediate picks to handshake to keep a long way from COVID-19 infection.


“It ought to be a eternal marketing campaign and other folks can bear to quiet now no longer put out of your mind to constantly gain the total precautionary measures to quit COVID-19,” said Hon Top Minister of Mauritius all the way by means of the launch of the selling campaign.  He added, “if we assemble now no longer discontinue vigilant, one single case could well perhaps moreover be catastrophic for the country.”   An appeal change into made by the Head of the Executive of Mauritius to the inhabitants besides as to the Non-Executive Organizations, the non-public sector and everyone to “discontinue united along with a draw to fight COVID-19”.

Her Excellency, Mrs Christine Umutoni, United Countries Resident Coordinator (UNRC) all the way by means of her address, said, “everyone can bear to quiet gain his or her responsibility and continue taking the total precautionary measures equivalent to traditional hand washing, accurate wearing of face masks and preserving social distancing.”  In step with the UNRC, “these measures ought to be in our DNA because the fight against COVID-19 is now no longer but over”.  Her Excellency, Mrs C. Umutoni made an attract the total inhabitants to “assemble all of it” when they ranking the choice to be vaccinated.

Dr Laurent Musango, the WHO Representative in Mauritius, all the way by means of his address, expressed his gratitude to the Executive of Mauritius for having effectively utilized the total measures suggested by the UN and WHO to quit and alter COVID-19.

“The inhabitants ought to be satisfied with the very strict measures taken by the Executive of Mauritius to quit the spread of the Coronavirus.  Mauritius is opinion of as one of the indispensable totally a pair of countries in the African build which has been in a position to control COVID-19 over a somewhat short time,” said Dr L. Musango who moreover added that the country did totally all the way by means of the main wave remaining year  in limiting COVID-19 spread and right here’s moreover the case all the way by means of this 2d wave.”  The WHO Representative emphasized on the “tripartite collaboration, that’s collaboration between the UN, the Executive and the inhabitants to quit and alter COVID-19.”

Hon Stephen Toussaint, Minister of Early life Empowerment, Sports and Recreation spoke of the role of the formative years in supporting the Executive to kill awareness on COVID-19 in the country.  A pool of formative years leaders from the Early life Ministry and the National Early life Council are entering into strategic capabilities in the city centre and other formulation of the island to talk to other folks relating to the importance of constantly taking the total precautionary measures to quit COVID-19. 

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