LYRICS: M.I Abaga toes ChillzHimself – Sundown

[Verse 1: Chillz]

What a day what a day

Ex lady got engaged

Now I’m scrolling by her page

Attempting to search out something to announce

What a day what a day

Hustle laborious for the pay

Candy cool with the waves

Glimpse me from a mile away

What a day what a day

This the times that we pray for

In model grinding in my lane

The total glory going manner up

What a day what a day

Fancy the hater exhibiting faux like

You already know we saucy by nature

Yeah we truly bout to make a selection off

I factual dey grind on my salvage

Nobody nobody knows

Correct the device it goes

Police drag stop you for avenue

Salvage the one wey you preserve

Correct the device it goes

Taking on no be coup d’etat

Ask round the know who we are

That’s the life of a neatly-known individual

Hundreds music for my reservoir


What a day what a day

What a day what a day

[Verse 2: M.I Abaga]

What a day what a day

Nigga tryna rush my wave

That’s the ting as of late

Y’all don’t know the device one can behave

In case to derive shit to announce

You should restful roar it to my face

But niggas is tryna salvage paid

So I bet it’s better on stage

This day what’s the truth?

Niggas blabbing off the juice

What operate you salvage when faux niggas talk?

Misleading news faux news

Nigga you become as soon as talking loose

Why don’t you roar it to loose?

Dawg who gon pay on your teeth

When we point to up with the troops?

However it’s okay, we interrogate it

Trigger each person knows y’all basically feel uncared for

Y’all be hating while we getting it

So operate what you mediate is efficacious

What a day what a day

They factual taking photography cause they hate

It’s okay

One more classic album for you

Sorry about the delay

[Outro: DO2dTUN]

Females and gentlemen

I’m AKA huge hypeman


And you know

It’s going to be a crazy night

And I’ll be losing the most reasonable possible hits

Perfect music, the total manner down

So if you guys wanna salvage your groove on

You better hit me up

I’m having a mammoth time

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