Oh no! We’re at battle

I fetch it baffling that accountable Nigerian leaders along with President Muhammadu Buhari seem to be dropping sleep over the likelihood of 1 other battle breaking out within the country. 

About a of them accept as true with postulated rightly that no country can stay on two civil wars. From 1967 to January 1970, Nigeria has had its like fragment or allocation of civil battle. In assorted words, no person, no topic how loopy, ought to level-headed be craving for an encore, or a repeat performance. But, interestingly unknown to these patriots who’re being concerned themselves to loss of life, we’re already at battle. 

Or what can we call the interminable insurgency by the Boko Haram going on for extra than a decade which has killed extra than 36,000 other folks and which has displaced extra than two million other folks in North East? And what assorted name can we give to the senseless killings that accept as true with change into the each day digest in our nationwide lifestyles, the most fresh being in Igangan, Ibarapaland within the South West and the each day bloodshed in Benue Bid.  

In phrases of fatalities and properties destroyed, we completely accept as true with misplaced count. And that’s as neatly as to the horrors of the aforementioned Boko Haram insurgency. Nigeria has been within the throes of all manner of insecurity problems starting from cattle herdsmen’s clash with farmers to kidnapping for ransom on the highways, or on the farms, either at dwelling or at work; within the colleges and in such hallowed environments as mosques and church buildings. And no region is exact adequate within the event that they’ll bound all of the skill to the sanctuary of the President’s Chief of Employees to determine on him. Or, by such plucky pass, to sing us, in case we’re in any arrangement uncertain, that they mean enterprise. 

So what battle are we trying to terminate? The actual particular person that is already in beefy bloom? The actual particular person that has taken so many lives and thrown many people into refugee camps in their very like country? The battle that seems with out terminate?

If I tag the total Twitter scenario clearly, what President Muhammadu Buhari was as soon as inflamed about when INEC officials led by their Chairman, Professor Mahmud Yakubu briefed him about the serial destruction through arson of INEC offices within the South-East zone, is the likelihood of allowing historical past to repeat itself. South East is the dwelling substandard of IPOB, the Indigenous Folks of Biafra, the reincarnation of the agitation for the secession of that fragment of the country to be identified as Biafra. 

This agitation, that you would be in a position to well capture, resulted in the bitter civil battle that lasted for 33 months. Nigeria, through a mountainous replacement of acts of commission and omission, had had to wrestle this senseless battle and on the terminate, with millions of lives misplaced, with its attendant sorrow and anguish, it was as soon as adjudged a map sport – no victor, no vanquished. But in point of fact that your whole country has not recovered from that tense expertise. 


Folks that suffered most via loss of lives had been our fellow compatriots from the East. Despite Total Yakubu Gowon’s three infamous Rs – Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reintegration, the Igbo breeze, it would appear, has not been fully reintegrated. Or not decrease than psychologically rehabilitated. I am somewhat certain that if the shoe was as soon as on the assorted foot if the Igbo had been to be one other ethnic community, lacking the Igbo man’s neatly-identified industriousness, quite a bit of the battle-affected other folks would accept as true with gone into extinction. 

But not the identical outdated Igbo. Their never-die spirit has considered them within the commanding high, in particular of industrialization. But unfortunately, this identical spirit is being do to bad use on the present time by some incorrect other folks like Nnamdi Kanu who desires to re-terminate what Odumegwu Ojukwu did not attain, despite his brilliance, neatly-polished world connection and his defense drive practising, to not point out his excessive-profile stutter region in executive. Despite conserving sway within the East, It is some distance not proved conclusively but that IPOB is within the befriend of all of the arson and killings going on within the do. But by openly declaring that there would be no peace in that do unless Biafra is performed, they’ve not absolute most life like pointed accusing fingers at themselves, they’ve also do many innocent Igbo other folks, man and lady, and the youths in injure’s skill. But many of their revered leaders accept as true with kept mum in region of their trademark loquaciousness.


The battle, it bears repeating, is already nationwide and it desires to be diligently fought to trace out banditry, kidnapping, theft and raping so that our young other folks can derive befriend to college and so that Nigerians can in point of fact feel free and exact to pursue their agencies wherever they are. It calls for a battle council with a regular battle bulletin to talk eloquently of victory in opposition to these gangsters, a victory that might, with out discrimination, free every neighborhood from unknown gunmen, bandits and rogue herdsmen with lethal weapons.  

President Buhari is just like the hunter in Igala folklore. This hunter, coming dwelling with the astronomical carcass of an elephant on his head, can’t accept as true with the sumptuous of time and the utter of thoughts to hunt for crickets or the squirrels. By his region, as a democratically elected chief, he has, willy-nilly, change into the daddy of the nation. In that region, there is a limit to what he can terminate or stutter openly and publicly, to flee the accusation of bias or being politically unsuitable.


And methinks there are better ways than one for the President to accept as true with expressed his nettle which has change into the sphere of the petty battle with Twitter and his a mountainous replacement of opponents. 

Fact be knowledgeable, battle is a foul however extremely emotive endeavor and to remind the in point of fact vanquished of the civil battle is to raze the inference that there in point of fact has been no good reconciliation for the reason that terminate of the battle. President Buhari might well well per chance not accept as true with intended it the skill Twitter and others accept as true with interpreted it, however the soldier in him comes out forcefully, not decrease than in words if not in motion, at any time when he’s sufficiently provoked with the likelihood of his that implies being misinterpreted. 

But in our fresh scenario, what might well also be extra intriguing than the senseless and serial destruction of executive property, that of INEC and that of the Police and even the correctional centers within the East? But this form of provocation, as I stated, has since been evenly unfold across the country from the North West, North East, North Central and all of the fashion down to the South. And it need to equally require the attention of the President’s nettle and pre-emptive motion.


A other folks gave to a siege mentality and which, just like the underdog, enjoys world make stronger, need to truly feel it has been isolated to be taught a lesson that they cannot fail to keep in mind. Sadly for Buhari, he’s not a identical outdated flesh presser who has the dubious gift of equivocation, licensed to talk from every aspect of the mouth. When the chips are down or he feels pushed to the wall, his defense drive background comes to the fore. The place others would merely give assurance, raze promises and talk off-digicam, he shoots straight. 

Sadly, on memoir of just a few of what comes out would be politically unsuitable, it counts in opposition to him. It is some distance in a identical vein that President Olusegun Obasanjo, reacting to the killing of 12 policemen and the ambush of squaddies by a militia community in Bayelsa in 1999, the use of civilians as cowl, that he ordered squaddies into Odi and killed many people in retaliation. 

But in a extra salutary scenario, I capture that within the breeze-as a lot as the  2015 presidential election, PDP’s presidential candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan and his irrepressible missus appeared at a stutter be going beyond the limits of first rate marketing campaign to assault the particular person of  Buhari, their opponent. It seems miffed by this, former Armed forces President Ibrahim Babangida was as soon as provoked to scenario a warning to President Jonathan to be extra temperate in his need of words in opposition to Buhari in another case he and his colleagues within the defense drive would make not accept as true with any replacement however to resort to their infamous espirit de corps in favour of Buhari, also a general. Jonathan took the warning to coronary heart. It did not mean that IBB, a PDP sympathizer, was as soon as going to pass in opposition to President Jonathan. 

I take to witness President Buhari’s nettle, coming up from the intriguing destruction within the East, within the equal gentle.

The president’s statement was as soon as eliminated by Twitter per its like tips and guidelines. But in nettle, the President’s handlers, in precipitous haste, made the case worse by outrightly banning Twitter as a replace of petitioning the group to witness redress.

Sadly, some tips and guidelines are not any respecter of any one’s region however, I admit, as a public relatives gesture, Twitter might well well per chance accept as true with drawn the attention of the executive to this. And per chance every aspect would accept as true with allowed bygone to be bygone. 

Lesson: Next time we ought to level-headed be taught to permit the snoozing dog to lie on memoir of Nigeria has extra to wretchedness about on the present time than the messy Twitter battle.


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