Over 56 000 folks vaccinated in opposition to Yellow Fever in Morobo, Lainya and Yei River Counties of Central Equatoria Pronounce, South Sudan

The Ministry of Successfully being with serve from To find away with Yellow Fever Epidemics (EYE) companions including WHO, GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, UNICEF and other well being enforcing companions enjoy done a pre-emptive yellow fever vaccination campaign.

The campaign concentrated on 57 443 folks, long-established 9 months to 60 years, used to be performed in Morobo, Lainya and Yei River Counties in Central Equatoria Pronounce neighbouring Kajo-Keji the put Yellow Fever used to be confirmed in 2020. On the end of the campaign, 56,640 (98.6%) of folks long-established 9 months to 60 years bought the yellow fever vaccine in Morobo, Lainya, and Yei River counties.

In March 2020, two laboratory-confirmed yellow fever cases were reported in Kajo-keji County following a comprehensive rotten-border outbreak investigation after a yellow fever outbreak used to be declared in the bordering Moyo district of Uganda.

“After we learnt that Yellow fever has been confirmed in the neighbouring Kajo-keji county it used to be a offer of fear to the communities given the high possibility posed by our proximity with

Kajo-Keji and Uganda the put identical cases enjoy also been confirmed coupled with the fragile well being machine in the county” Hon. Aggrey Cyrus, Commissioner for Yei River County said

“We thank the Ministry of Successfully being, WHO, UNICEF and other well being enforcing for heading to our name and make definite that yellow fever vaccine is administered to the oldsters of Morobo, Lainya and Yei River counties, a reduction to the communities.”

“Yellow Fever remains a significant public well being scenario in South Sudan and its re-emergence especially at the time the country is responding to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic locations more burden on the well being machine and is something to be taken aback about.” Acknowledged Dr John Rumunu, Director Total for Preventive Successfully being Provider. “We thank WHO and our well being companions for guaranteeing that our folks are vaccinated in opposition to Yellow Fever”

The 8-day campaign used to be applied real thru the nationwide and WHO guidelines for enforcing mass vaccination campaigns in the context of COVID-19.

Vaccination is the major capability for prevention and withhold watch over of yellow fever and a single dose of WHO licensed yellow fever vaccine is sufficient to confer sustained immunity and lifestyles-long protection in opposition to yellow fever disease.

“Given South Sudan’s increased vulnerability to Yellow Fever, strengthening capacities for surveillance, especially the rotten-border surveillance and response programs is paramount for early detection and posthaste containment of Yellow Fever to decrease pointless ailments and deaths”, said Dr Fabian Ndenzako, the WHO Handbook for South Sudan.

The pre-emptive yellow fever vaccination is share of the worldwide solution to To find away with Yellow Fever Epidemics by 2026. In conserving with the EYE arrangement initiative, South Sudan is classified as a high-possibility country and thus, the strategic yellow fever withhold watch over necessities entail: declaring high inhabitants immunity; monitoring inhabitants immunity; case-basically based surveillance and laboratory trying out; posthaste response to outbreaks; concentrated on travellers in compliance with IHR (2005), and strengthening well being programs readiness.  

Within the final couple of years, WHO in collaboration with the Ministry of Successfully being, UNICEF and companions intensified the preventive measures for top-possibility areas, including the inclusion of the yellow fever vaccine into the nationwide childhood routine immunization, overview application route of to fund implementation of country withhold watch over concepts and overview to boot as replace the nationwide yellow fever vaccination necessities for worldwide travellers.  

Narrate to editors:

Yellow fever is a mosquito-borne acute viral hemorrhagic disease and has an incubation length of three-6 days following an infection. The an infection can vary from silent to severe.

Soft signs of yellow fever encompass fever, nausea, vomiting, headache, belly and muscle danger. Extra severe signs encompass hepatitis and hemorrhagic fever. Vaccination is the finest protection in opposition to the virus and provides lifestyles-long immunity.

Technical contacts:

Dr Wamala Joseph Francis, Electronic mail: Wamalaj [at] who.int

Mr Julu Louis Kenyi Joseph,Electronic mail: louisju [at] who.int

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