The President of the Republic of Mauritius discussed COVID-19 Vaccination Programme with the WHO Consultant in Mauritius

His Excellency Mr Prithvirajsing Roopun, the President of the Republic of Mauritius met Dr Laurent Musango, the WHO Consultant in Mauritius on 17 June 2021 to debate the COVID-19 suppose and the vaccination programme within the nation.    It became as soon as an change for the WHO to substitute the President on the nation’s latest Discipline Document and how WHO is supporting the nation to fight the pandemic. 

Dr L. Musango informed the President that a total collection of 1,105 native instances were confirmed for the reason that 2d wave, with a serious case registered on 5 March 2021.  The nation became as soon as COVID-acquire for several weeks due the measures taken by the Executive of Mauritius to govern and pause the unfold of COVID-19 talked about the WHO Consultant.

As at 17 June 2021, 1773 cumulative examined confirmed instances were registered in Mauritius, out of which 1356 instances were successfully treated, representing a recovery payment of 76.5%.  Out of the total instances registered within the nation, 25.3% are imported while 74.7% are native transmission.  Mauritius has registered a total of eighteen deaths attributable to COVID-19 as at 16 June 2021; eight of them were registered in 2021 accurate thru wave 2.

The President inquired referring to the provision of COVID-19 vaccines within the nation to attain herd immunity and when exactly can this occur to allow for acquire re-opening of the nation’s borders.  Dr L. Musango talked about that the stock of vaccines that is already readily available within the nation will allow for 42% of the population to be vaccinated. WHO is looking at for to receive more doses of vaccines following bilateral negotiations with China, India and Russia moreover from the COVAX facility indicated Dr L. Musango.  As soon as, the nation receives more doses of vaccines, it goes to be ready to vaccinate as a minimal 60% of its population.

The WHO Consultant in Mauritius explained that as at 14 June 2021, 413,473 folks maintain already acquired the most significant dose of vaccine in opposition to COVID-19, representing 32.7% of the population while 219,084 folks maintain acquired their 2d dose, that is 17.3% of the population.   Dr L. Musango emphasised that the nation has to this level succeeded in controlling and combating COVID-19 thru implementation of the WHO advices and pointers. 

Mauritius kicked off its nationwide vaccination programme on 26 January 2021 with the vaccination of the frontliners, namely health workers, supermarket and transport workers, hotel workers moreover folks residing with co-morbidities.  Currently, lecturers and rather about a workers from the learning sector are being vaccinated sooner than colleges re-opening in early July 2021.  A definite slot is being dedicated to the aged folks in all 5 vaccination centres across the island to allow this weak neighborhood of the population to salvage vaccinated without any hurdle.

The nation has been enforcing the ‘Isolate, Test and Treat’ strategies as instructed by WHO for the reason that open of the outbreak in March 2020.  With the make stronger of the non-public sector, the Executive of Mauritius has been ready to quarantine a serious collection of folks examined distinct or who were in discontinuance contact with a distinct case; these encompass both residents and stranded passengers coming within the nation.  As at 16 June 2021, 3,183 folks were in quarantine alongside side 763 passengers, 2,329 residents who had contact with a confirmed case and 91 health personnel who were working with COVID-19 instances.   Apart from, the each day checking out capacity of the nation has improved tremendously from some 200 exams each day in March 2020 to around 1500 exams each day in 2021.  The nation’s skills in controlling and combating COVID-19 accurate thru wave 1 and the constant updating of the therapy protocols according to recent scientific evidences is helping in bettering the therapy of COVID-19 patients in Mauritius.

 Since the Pandemic of COVID-19 started, His Excellency Mr P. Roopun has been assembly the WHO Consultant every six months, and this became as soon as the third assembly that took attach to debate most significant points connected to health and WHO make stronger to the nation.

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