US Open golf 2021: third round – are living!

Transferring Day was relaxing … and Sunday guarantees to be even better! Gape at a pair of of the names at the highest of this leaderboard. Many a story to be told day after at the moment to come. Hope you’ll be part of us. Thanks for studying this weblog. Nighty night!

-5: Hughes, Oosthuizen, Henley

-3: McIlroy, DeChambeau

-2: Scheffler, Rahm, Wolff

-1: Johnson, Morikawa, Bezuidenhout, Schauffele, Streelman

E: Casey, Poulter, Molinari, Im, Koepka, Thomas, English

+1: Spieth, Kaymer, Baker, Griffin, Harman, Westwood, Migliozzi, Bland

As a lot as this point

Despite every thing that’s occurred of living, Bland, having dropped 85 yards away, whips a excessive wedge into the air, touchdown his ball 20 feet in the relieve of the pin, and screwing it relieve to 5 feet. What a shot! What moxie! So great stress to gain out of Dodge without to any extent additional ache. The staff loved that. In goes the putt and that’s a 77. Ah effectively. He ends the day at +1. Henley meanwhile sends his long bunker shot to 12 feet, then makes the putt coming relieve to set his par. How great may presumably that up and down be price day after at the moment to come? He shares the 54- gap lead with Hughes and Oosthuizen.

“Get up! Get up!” A effectively-that technique punter tries to chivvy Bland’s third along. Nonetheless it completely’s now not getting over the water. It drops apologetically a pair of yards before land. For the first time at the moment, no matter all his old travails, the English outdated’s head drops. Henley meanwhile squirts an extraordinarily worried wedge into the bunker on the unbiased. The stress has been palpable over these closing holes this afternoon; imagine what it’ll be like this time day after at the moment to come!

Henley whips out of the sand … and his lay-up disappears into the thick rough down the unbiased. So clumsy. Likely so expensive. His accomplice Bland is navigating the thick stuff down the opposite aspect of the outlet. He’ll also be hitting his third into the golf green from the cabbage, with minute or no likelihood of producing the shuffle required to exclaim up a birdie likelihood.

Reduction on the tee, Henley opts to come to a decision on an iron. He’s laying up no matter. He’s no doubt doing that after finding sand to the unbiased of the golf green.

The dream’s removed from over for Louis Oosthuizen! He faucets his eagle effort down the 18th. It oscillates this system and that, before straightening up over the final few feet and rolling unerringly into the cup! The Torrey Pines gallery breaks into one in every of the roars of the day! That’s whisked him right into a fraction of the lead! He indicators for a 70, having turned issues round dramatically over the closing three holes! No birdie for Wolff, despite the proven fact that, who caresses a ravishing chip down the golf green from the filth to 6 feet, however watches his putt hop out. He cards 73.

-5: Hughes (F), Oosthuizen (F), Henley (17)

-3: McIlroy (F), DeChambeau (F)

As a lot as this point

Henley is on the 17th in law. His putt is a snaky 15-foot downhill puzzle. He steers it to tap-in distance, despite the proven fact that it never regarded like dropping. Irrespective of, par will conclude, and he stays in a fraction at -5. Bland’s nightmare continues; one other bogey, and he’s level par for the match now. The dream, it’s pretty to narrate, is over.

Oosthuizen sends his 2nd at 18 over the flag from 235 yards. He’ll fill a 30-foot eagle putt coming relieve downhill. Wolff’s 2nd bounces laborious and disappears into the thick rough at the relieve.

Rahm tidies up for his birdie. A extremely scrappy 72, however he’s simplest three off the lead because it stands unbiased now. He’s -2. His accomplice Bubba has been to hell and relieve, despite the proven fact that: he closes with two birdies, but peaceful cards a 77. He’s out of the image at +3.

Wolff can’t set himself at 17. One more bogey, and he’s been slightly archaic at the moment. He slips to -2. Par for his accomplice Oosthuizen, who stays at -3. Reduction down the outlet, the co-chief Henley sends his tee shot into sand down the unbiased. And up on 18, Rahm sends his 2nd to Streelman Nation at the relieve of the golf green. Proper like Streelman before him, he judges the 60-foot roll nearly to perfection. He’ll fill a 3-footer for a closing birdie.

One more bogey for Richard Bland, his fourth of the day, the quit outcomes of failing to hit a fairly straight eight-footer at 16. He’s -1. Within the intervening time up on 17, Wolff does extremely effectively to scream a wedge 5 feet past the flag. He’ll fill a possibility to salvage his par.

Extra effort for Wolff, this time at 17. He catches a heavy contact out of a fairway bunker, and his ball, effectively in want of the golf green, finally ends up in a divot. Up on 18, Kevin Streelman nearly drains a monster for eagle, however birdie suffices and he indicators for a 72 that keeps him in pink figures at -1. Hughes then rolls in his birdie putt, and it’s a 68 that brings him a fraction of the lead … because Henley can’t slightly set apart his birdie putt on 16.

-5: Hughes (F), Henley (16)

-3: McIlroy (F), DeChambeau (F), Wolff (16), Oosthuizen (16)

Hughes clips a cute bunker shot to 6 feet. A putt rising to come to a decision on a fraction of the lead … despite the proven fact that on 16, Henley will fill a birdie putt of his hold, having swished his 5-iron into the coronary heart of the golf green, 20 feet from the flag.

Henley is unable to face up and down from the bunker at 15. Bogey, and his lead over Hughes is now correct one. On 18, Hughes’s 2nd simplest correct will get over the water, ending up in the bunker to the left of the golf green. Morikawa made birdie from there earlier, so it’s now not the worst place of living to be. And up on 16, birdie for Oosthuizen, and the chief board continues to adapt.

-5: Henley (15)

-4: Hughes (17)

-3: McIlroy (F), DeChambeau (F), Wolff (16), Oosthuizen (16)

-2: Scheffler (F), Bland (15)

Scheffler, who had wedged his third to eight feet, is left with an uphill birdie putt. He hits it confidently, on the opposite hand it’s continuously drifting slightly to the left, and horseshoes out. Proper a par. He indicators for a 70 and goes into Sunday at -2, at indicate four off Henley’s lead. Then it’s Schauffele’s flip … and he misses as effectively. He leaves himself a stylish three footer coming relieve. In it goes for par, and that’s a disappointing 72. He’s peaceful -1, despite the proven fact that, after two disappointing days in a row, and in the mix at a predominant as soon as all as soon as more.

Scheffler finds a fairway bunker with his tee shot at 18, and is pressured to position up. No such area for Schauffele, who crashes his 2nd over the relieve of the golf green. He’s purchased a stylish chip from the thick stuff, despite the proven fact that, downhill towards water. He lobs up carefully, touchdown his ball softly on the golf green and rolling it unbiased-to-left down the hill towards the cup. It stops four feet immediate, an fine effort from the place he was.

Hughes arrows his ability at 17 straight at the flag. Ten feet immediate. He’s one dimple’s width a ways from rolling the rock into the cup for birdie. He stays in 2nd at -4. On 15, Henley cracks his drive down the unbiased aspect of the golf green, then pulls a 5-iron into the sand to the left of the golf green. His accomplice Bland sends a 4-iron into the thick grass skirting the relieve of the striking floor. Huge up-and-downs rising.

Birdie for Scottie Scheffler at 17 first. Then it’s Schauffele’s flip. In it goes, they veritably’re -2 and -1 respectively. Within the intervening time on 14, Henley nearly drains a long birdie effort. One tear to the unbiased, and he’d fill a 3-shot lead. Nonetheless pars are continuously unbiased at the US Open.

-6: Henley (14)

-4: Hughes (16)

-3: McIlroy (F), DeChambeau (F), Wolff (14)

-2: Scheffler (17), Oosthuizen (14), Bland (14)

Henley isn’t making too many mistakes. His tee shot at 14 leaks right into a bunker down the left, however he’s ready to search out the centre of the golf green with his 2nd. Hughes is a pair of turns a ways from making a 15-foot birdie putt on 16. Up on 17, Schauffele whips his 2nd to 5 feet. He’s level par unbiased now, however if he makes that, and does one thing up 18, he’ll be in unbiased slash going into day after at the moment to come no matter two bang-reasonable days in a row.

Two putts for Bryson DeChambeau at 18. He’s now not removed from making his eagle putt, on the opposite hand it stops six inches immediate, and par it’s. Aloof, that’s an unprecedented 68, and the defending champion may be unbiased in the thick of all of it as soon as more day after at the moment to come! Matthew Wolff, final year’s runner-up, also fancies a re-plug, and does extremely effectively to scream a wedge shut at 14, limiting the ache to bogey. Within the intervening time Louis Oosthuizen can’t stand up and down from greenside sand at 14 and slips backwards.

-6: Henley (13)

-4: Hughes (15)

-3: McIlroy (F), DeChambeau (F), Wolff (14)

-2: Oosthuizen (14), Bland (13)

-1: D Johnson (F), Morikawa (F), Bezuidenhout (F), Scheffler (16)

Yep, avid gamers set apart mistakes in the warmth of fight at a US Open. Wolff sends his tee shot wide unbiased at 14, then clips the branches of a tree with his 2nd. The ball disappears into extra thick rough. He then chunks the one popping out. Effort right here. On 13, Henley sends his 2nd into greenside sand, and can’t gain shut with the splash out. No birdie at a customary par-5. And on 18, DeChambeau counts the worth of that unfastened lay-up, finding the golf green however unable to advise any shuffle. His ball stops 25 feet past the outlet.

Rahm, running sizzling, races his par saver four feet past. Then misses the one coming relieve. He effs and jeffs in lyrical vogue, before tapping in for a double-bogey six that crashes him relieve to -1. Negative luck, compounded by some slapdash striking. And on 18, an error for DeChambeau, who decides to position up … then misses the golf green with his chip out. His ball disappears into the thick stuff on the opposite aspect of the outlet, and that’ll now not wait on him to regulate his ability.

Morikawa will get up and down from sand at 18 for a birdie and a total of 70. He goes into the last round in pink figures: -1. Justin Thomas has to settle for a 71; he’s level par. A wild drive for Rahm at 14 forces him to come to a decision on some medicine by chipping relieve out onto the golf green; his third hits the flag, taking the shuffle off the ball and sending it to the relieve of the golf green. And on 18, DeChambeau pulls his drive right into a bunker on the left. Huge resolution rising: does he saunter for the golf green in two from there?

DeChambeau rolls carefully to tap-in distance, and he walks off 17 with a par. It’s relieve-to-relieve bogeys for Bland, despite the proven fact that; he was continuously out of place of living on 12, and slips to -2. A two-putt birdie on the par-5 13th for Oosthuizen, who has been off his game for most of the day gone by and at the moment, however stays unbiased in the mix at -3. And his playing accomplice Wolff makes birdie too, joining Hughes in 2nd place at -4.

Henley and Hughes make a choice turns to face up and down from their respective sophisticated positions. The leading duo are up there for a reason. As is DeChambeau, who wedges excessive into the coronary heart of 17, taking no probabilities. He’ll probably set his par with two putts from 30 feet.

On 12, Henley can gain his fairway wood to the ball, which is sitting up effectively in the filth. He whistles his 2nd thru the relieve of the golf green. He’s now not removed from the pin, however in extra thick awfulness, so will fill a stylish chip from there. On 14, Hughes can simplest gain a greenside bunker with his 2nd. And a mountainous stroke of fortune for DeChambeau on 17: his drive leaks left, takes one soar in a penalty dwelling, and bounds relieve out. He’ll peaceful fill a laborious 2nd from a thick lie, however that may presumably fill without problems sailed off to the left and down a jungle-covered slope. The reigning champion enables himself a mountainous recount of reduction.

Hughes follows up that monster eagle putt by sending a sever into the punters down the unbiased of 14. Henley follows his gap-out from the bunker with a flay into deep grass down the unbiased of 12. Up on 16, DeChambeau, having sent his tee shot 15 feet in want of the flag, leaves his uphill birdie effort one flip immediate.

Ah, right here’s a larger putt than that one! Mackenzie Hughes, from the fringe at the relieve of 13, rolls in a 60-footer for eagle! Shades of Tiger in 2008, and that’s catapulted the 30-year-outdated Canadian into 2nd place of living! There are ten avid gamers below par at Torrey Pines. Here’s the chart rundown!

-6: Henley (11)

-4: Hughes (13)

-3: McIlroy (F), DeChambeau (15), Rahm (12), Wolff (12), Bland (11)

-2: Oosthuizen (12)

-1: Johnson (F), Scheffler (13)

Par for Brooks Koepka on 18. It’s correct a level-par 71 at the moment for the 2017 and 2018 champion, coming relieve in 37, and whereas he’s now not out of it, he’ll want one thing enormous-particular day after at the moment to come. Speaking of enormous-particular, Bland tickles a 60-foot putt down the golf green from the relieve of 10. It nearly stops midway along, however topples slowly over the ridge, picks up trip, and prevents a pair of feet from the cup. You’ll now not gape many better putts this week. From the ridiculous to the sublime. He tidies up to restrict the ache to bogey. He’ll now not feel so flawed about issues after that. He slips to -3, despite the proven fact that.

Bland pulls his tee shot at 11 into the sand on the left … then blades the bunker shot over the relieve of the golf green. Review and distinction to Henley, who finds sand on the opposite aspect … and bundles a two-soar splash into the cup! In for birdie! What an fine shot! Huge response necessary by Bland now to restrict the ache. Within the intervening time up on 15, DeChambeau lands his ability 12 feet from the flag, however the ball topples relieve down a ridge to leave a 35-foot birdie putt. That’s dreadful luck. He rolls up to a pair of feet and tidies up for par.

-6: Henley (11)

-4: Bland (10)

Henley wedges pin excessive to 15 feet at 10, however can’t set apart his par saver. Bland is able to face up and down from the relieve, despite the proven fact that, and the outlet at the highest is now correct one.

-5: Henley (10)

-4: Bland (10)

-3: McIlroy (F), DeChambeau (14), Rahm (11), Wolff (11)

DeChambeau rattles in his 15-foot par saver! He stays at -3, and unbiased luck prising his fingers from the trophy. At 16, Thomas clips his 6-iron to tap-in distance, and the 2017 PGA champ will upward thrust to level par after a period of bang-reasonable motion. Within the intervening time some effort for the leading pair at 10. Bland sends his 2nd over the relieve into the thick stuff, whereas Henley, having discovered a bunker with his tee shot, catches his 2nd heavy and finally ends up effectively in want of the dancefloor. Some crucial immediate-game stuff coming unbiased up!

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