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Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Plain.

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The Walking Plain S10 episodes 17-22




2.5/5 Stars


In these six recent episodes, we uncover our survivors attempting to take themselves up by their bootstraps following the destruction the Whisperers left of their wake. The years of combat weigh upon them as previous traumas ground, exposing their extra susceptible aspects. As they ask the explain of humanity, the explain of their collective community, and the states of their minds, will they gather the interior energy to persevere with their lives, friendships, and neighborhood intact?


WARNING: This article contains spoilers while you discontinuance up no longer caught up on The Walking Plain, season 10, episode 16.

In March 2020, AMC announced that the season 10 finale of The Walking Plain would be delayed by six months attributable to post-manufacturing challenges precipitated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, AMC’s concerns did now not discontinuance there. And deep into writing season 11, producers realised that they’d be unable to film a “worthy season opener,” with a large walker herd and discontinuance-up killings, attributable to health and safety concerns.

This capacity that, writers developed six character-centered “bonus” episodes, which aired between the already present season 10 finale and the deliberate season 11 premiere. Sadly, the bonus episodes are a mixed salvage of hits and largely misses but ratings a dwelling bustle with episode 22, titled Right here is Negan, which looks at Negan’s backstory and the muse of his beloved barb-wired baseball bat, Lucille.

Every episode is a method of a stand-on my own episode specializing in a varied character. In these six episodes, we deep-dive into the lives of Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Carol (Melissa McBride), Daryl (Norman Reedus), Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Aaron (Ross Marquand), Princess (Paola Lazaro) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

In Home Candy Home, which centres on Maggie, we be taught extra about her whereabouts since we final saw her in season 9. Maggie finds extra about her travels with Georgie as they searched for recent communities to rebuild. Maggie also finds the accurate reason she left Hilltop and why she hadn’t returned sooner.

As we now possess method to be taught after ten seasons of The Walking Plain, every season comes with a recent threat- and this time around, we’re equipped to a recent neighborhood known as The Reapers. Positively no longer your frequent season premiere, and even if there is just a few walker action, the episode (and the relaxation of the season) is essentially character-driven and heavy on dialogue.

Score Me is Carol and Daryl centred, and even if this episode strikes if reality be told sluggish (score frail to it, other folks), it does match the excessive fabric and offers just a few of the most enticing cinematography we now possess seen on the sequence.

One More follows Gabriel and Aaron as they observe for offers, and again, despite being rapid on walkers, I surely loved this episode – loads, because it if reality be told fleshed out these two characters. The Walking Plain just isn’t any longer if reality be told about zombies. Yes, these events happen through the zombie apocalypse, but the prove centres on other folks, their relationships – and what anguish brings out in other folks. This episode returns to those “human” roots and brings out the correct performing performance I have been in from every these actors since joining the sequence.

Splinter centres on one in all the more recent characters, Princess. I notion that it used to be a foul transfer to devote a total episode to this kind of recent character. However to some degree, it paid off. As with the outdated episodes, scenes transfer at a snail perambulate, but as soon as the episode finds its rhythm, it makes powering via precious, as we uncover about Princess’ childhood trauma and her relationship with he mother. With mental health infrequently ever addressed in the sequence, I appreciated the self-discipline being dealt with so sensitively. Alternatively, I used to be looking ahead to to be taught extra about the mysterious troopers who took Princess captive and the intentions of the Commonwealth.

Most likely the most disappointing of your entire “extra” episodes is Diverged, which again practice Carol and Daryl and picks up from episode 18. I don’t possess any other words to picture what occurs in this episode as an alternative of pointless, awkward, and if reality be told dull. And lawful reaffirms my intense feelings of hate in direction of Carol.

However following the total let-down episode, AMC hits a homerun with Right here is Negan – surely saving the correct for final. The episode strikes with out concerns between previous and prove as we be taught extra about pre-apocalypse Negan and his relationship with his wife, Lucille. Despite being a bumpy one, the connection between Negan and Lucille is superbly poetic, and the chemistry between Jeffrey and his accurate-life wife, Hilarie Burton Morgan, is off the charts. The episode is a well-known example of when your entire ingredients on gigantic TV approach collectively to impact a lawful masterpiece.

We’re serene teased with a Negan-Maggie showdown, and optimistically, this and the many unanswered questions will be answered when The Walking Plain returns for its remaining, extra-long season sometime this year.


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