Billie Eilish Apologizes For Spend Of Racial Slur In Resurfaced Video: “I Am Appalled And Embarassed”

On Monday, Billie Eilish apologized for her spend of an anti-Asian slur in a resurfaced video, which has now no longer too long ago been circulating on social media.

Within the compilation video printed closing week on TikTok, Eilish can even be considered mouthing the phrases to Tyler, the Creator’s tune, “Fish,” which integrated the slur. “A form of prospects are you’ll per chance were asking me to tackle this,” Eilish wrote to her followers, “and right here’s one thing that I WANT to tackle because i’m being labeled one thing that I’m now no longer.”

The Grammy winner, who is now 19, explained that she became “13 or 14” when she made the video in demand. “I mouthed a observe from a tune that on the time I didn’t know became a derogatory term dilapidated against contributors of the asian community,” she admitted. “i am appalled and embarrassed and desire to barf that i ever mouthed along to that observe.”

The singer-songwriter went on to demonstrate that the 2011 tune represented her handiest impact of exposure to the racial slur, and that she didn’t perceive its that technique, given the actual fact that no person in her family had ever dilapidated it around her. “No topic my lack of skills and age on the time, nothing excuses the actual fact is that it became hurtful,” she wrote. “and for that i am sorry.”

Also featured within the video edit is a segment wherein Eilish appears to be like to be imitating, or mocking, an accent that is now no longer her possess. Eilish explained on Instagram, though, that what she became in actuality doing became one thing rather diversified.

“The opposite video in that edited clip is me talking in a foolish gibberish made up converse… one thing i started doing as a little bit one and maintain completed my whole existence when talking to my pets, chums, and family. it is miles absolute gibberish and very finest me goofing around, and is in NO technique an imitation of someone or any language, accent, or culture within the SLIGHTEST,” she wrote. “Anyone who is aware of me has considered me goofing around with voices my whole existence. no topic the scheme it became interpreted i didn’t suggest for any of my actions to maintain prompted concern to others and it absolutely breaks my heart that it is miles being labeled now in a technique that would trigger concern to folk hearing it.

“i now no longer handiest maintain in, but maintain repeatedly worked traumatic to make spend of my platform to fight for inclusion, kindness, tolerance, equity and equality,” she continued. “we all prefer to continue having conversations, listening and studying. I hear you and I fancy you. Thanks for taking the time to read this.”

Eilish’s whole social media statement can even be found below.

Billie Eilish Instagram Story

Billie Eilish/Instagram

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