Eritrea commences the come of the third properly being sector strategic and constructing concept III (2022

The Authorities of Eritrea’s commitment to the attainment of the SDGs and UHC is demonstrated by the alignment of the Successfully being Sector Strategic Map  II (2017 – 2021) and basically the most up-to-date constructing of Nationwide Successfully being Policy 2020. The mountainous focus of the SDGs provides a possibility to reset and refocus properly being methods and programming to toughen properly being programs.

Eritrea has initiated the come of the Third Successfully being Sector Strategic Trend Map 2022-2026 (HSSDP III) as a prevail to HSSDP II, which is coming to an result in December 2021. The HSSDP III will continue and consolidate the achievements of the HSSDP II which enraged in regards to the fulfillment of the SDG 3 targets thru Universal Successfully being Protection Implementation.

On 16 June 2021, the high stage WHO technical multisector team of experts led by Dr Prosper Tumusiime, a properly being programs, technical educated and Dr Humphrey Karamagi from the WHO Regional Office paid a courtesy suppose over with to the save of work of Honorable Minister of Successfully being. The WHO mission delegation was launched by the WHO Representative for Eritrea, Dr Martins Ovberedjo to the Honorable Minister of Successfully being, Mrs. Amina Nurhussein.

The Honorable Minister warmly welcomed the WHO team to the nation; and expressed pleasure at the rapid response by WHO to provide dedicated technical toughen on this crucial properly being constructing initiative. The Honorable Minister echoed the solid toughen and commitment of the MOH to invent the properly being SDGs and UHC targets. She reaffirmed the  MOH possibility to total the next edition of the HSSDP III; and assured the WHO team of full toughen and energetic engagement by relevant authorities to be obvious the success of the mission.

The WHO team is expected to purchase with key properly being stakeholder groups within the nation, in conjunction with line ministries (MOH, MOA, MOLW&E, MOLHW), Sanatorium Directors, Zonal Clinical Teams, Civil Societies, community people, UN Companies and constructing partners within the nation. The mixed MOH/WHO technical team is furthermore expected to undertake structured field visits to purchase relevant authorities, zoba properly being groups and community people.

This can also very properly be recalled that in a connected mission assignment WHO in 2019, supplied technical toughen to MOH to undertake Mid Term Assessment of the HSSDP II. The Mid Term Assessment mission had notorious soft progress in some thematic areas in conjunction with HIV, TB, Malaria; and observed areas for enchancment, in conjunction with quality of neonatal and maternal properly being products and services and files quality improvements. This HSSDP III mission is expected to explore opportunities to extra consolidate the unfinished industry of the HSSDP II, furthermore provide ideas and description investment opportunities to pace up progress in opposition to fulfillment of UHC milestones. 

The team will suppose over with selected sub zobas amassing files and divulge of service offer and to work along with leaders, properly being providers and community representatives.


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