Niger relate strengthens sanitation programs in opposition to initiate defecation   

Minna, 29 September, 2021 – On the frontline of guaranteeing that communities in Niger Utter slay initiate defecation, salvage rid of faecal sludge smartly and embody first fee sanitation programs is 29-365 days-worn Abubakar Mohammed, a community early life sanitation volunteer. 

Mr Mohammed is one in every of the volunteers educated by the Niger Utter government to preserve consciousness among the residents on the importance of upright hygiene, sanitation, and honest disposal of faecal sludge ruin to slay waterborne ailments similar to cholera.


“I had been visiting households in Tudun Wada North to coach them on the importance of upright sanitation. I raise consciousness in opposition to initiate defecation, the need for honest excreta disposal and awake administration of sewage. I explain them how to clean their hands with water and cleansing soap and the importance of boiling or purifying water sooner than employ. 


“I had been doing my bit interior the community, and I am fully overjoyed the federal government is also the employ of the media to name for a behavioral alternate. I heard the sensitization talk given by the relate sanitation team and the WHO decent on the radio. I believe this can relieve alternate of us’s conduct and be pleased the spread of ailments”, he said. 


The fight in opposition to cholera

The campaign for behavioural alternate is factual, because the relate is currently struggling with an epidemic of cholera amidst the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. As of 05 September 2021, 25 states and the Federal Capital Territory have reported 69 925 suspected conditions with 2 323 deaths from the illness. In Niger Utter, 2 265 conditions had been reported and 142 deaths interior the an analogous period.


To mitigate the health hazards, the World Health Organization (WHO) initiated a project supporting the Niger Utter government to implement a Utter Sanitation Safety Planning (SSP) to construct certain the honest administration of faecal sludge and grey wastewater thru a threat administration methodology.  


Furthermore, sensitization campaigns on sanitation safety are utilized across the relate by early life volunteers and the SSP Joint Campaign team the employ of radio and tv programmes. The sensitization has been aired on Niger Utter Tv, Nigeria Tv Authority, Niger relate residing and Niger Utter radio. 


Starting up defecation and depressed sanitation and hygiene practices compromise younger of us’s health and progress. The younger of us born into susceptible families practicing initiate defecation are in threat of dying of cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid and dysentery. 


Isah Alilu, a water seller and father of six younger of us residing in Tudun Wada North said he realized the importance of upright water and meals, hand hygiene and the disadvantages of initiate defecation after one in every of his younger of us contracted cholera. 


“My five-365 days-worn son, Musa, changed into hospitalized final month attributable to cholera. He changed into stooling and vomiting and got worn interior three hours. We had to plug him to the health center for therapy. After my son fell ill, I observed the importance of the sanitation consciousness Mr Mohammed had been doing interior the community. 


“I didn’t know that cholera is transmitted thru nasty disposal of excreta or unsuitable water offer. I have since been careful of where I elevate water my household employ and that I sell. I now know that it’s contaminated to situate a borehole beside sewages”, he said.  


Meanwhile, Hajara Mohammed, a plump-time housewife and mom of four said she has been extra careful with taking care of her household since she heard of the cholera outbreak in the relate.


I heard that there may be a cholera outbreak in Niger relate. I had been cautious of the offer of water offer frail in the house since I heard sensitization on the radio and a health educator got right here to my condo to coach me on how to guard my household. Despite the truth that my household lives in a condo with a bathroom, we, nonetheless, elevate water.

After the sensitization team got right here to my condo, I started the employ of water purifiers to purify the water sooner than employ because there are cases the water has particles, and one can no longer construct certain of the offer, she said.

Sustaining multisectoral one- health methodology

Commending WHO for the make stronger, the Niger Utter Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources and Dams Administration, Alhaji Abubakar Sadiq Idris, said the programme is timely, brooding about the many outbreaks in the relate. 

He said WHO has been working carefully with the relate government to succeed in healthy cities by providing technical journey to the stat’s ministries of health, atmosphere water resources and agriculture, beneath the one health methodology, to coordinate a genuine shining determining of the municipal water industry.

He mighty that the Sanitation Safety Planning opinion would relieve the relate implement and manage a sanitation service chain, including bathroom containment/storage, conveyance, therapy and end-employ or disposal.


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